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  1. View From The Gwladys
    View From The Gwladys
    If life's just a great game of football, I'm the one polishing Brett Angell's boots.
  2. 1878mike
    Neville Southaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll ... !!
  3. nilsatis
    Season ticket holder and shareholder . . Blue till i die.
  4. Foryoublue
    @seanferg85 on twitter
  5. Twis29
    Loving the new forum!
  6. ANDYEFC95
    Once Everton Has Touched You Nothing Will Ever Be The Same
  7. STEC1878
  8. Jay Williams
    Jay Williams
    Xbox live: JayWilliams1993
  9. Yetimuncher
    Born not manufactured.
  10. ANDYEFC95
    ANDYEFC95 AJFBrown
    I agree the club in whole looks positive and he invited Howard kendal to finch farm for the first time think understands the club and what Everton means to the fans
  11. ANDYEFC95
    ANDYEFC95 AJFBrown
    What do u think of Martinez and the feel good factor he is introducing on the club
    1. AJFBrown
      I really like him. I think he's introduced a positive impact on everyone at the club not just the players. He understands the fans come first, and I admire that about him. We're playing more attacking football unlike when we were under Moyes. So far so good :)
      Oct 17, 2013
  12. Max Carlyle
    Max Carlyle
    St Domingos. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum since 1878.
  13. BlueHobbit
  14. Gerard Sammon
    Gerard Sammon
    Havin a Richard 3rd in work, figuring this thing out in the process
  15. 1878mike
  16. Charlie Willbourn
    Charlie Willbourn
  17. DeanWilson92
  18. Pagger1878
    Up the Toffees.
  19. EvertonArentWe
    Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin' ship.
  20. MO'K